Shapiro & Brown

Shapiro & Brown are artistic duo Emma Shapiro, an American artist and activist, and Katherine Brown, a British artist and writer. They met in their current home-city of Valencia, Spain and are co-creators of The Body Room.

Emma Shapiro

Emma is an American artist and feminist activist. She studied art at Rhode Island School of Design. She is a professional life model and teacher of figure drawing. She makes art with her body and runs Exposure Therapy, an art project which challenges censorship of the female body and has now reached over 20 countries via the medium of stickers. 

Katherine Brown

Katherine is a British artist and writer. She studied Economics and Politics at the University of Warwick and worked for many years in London, in retail and e-commerce.   She is a self-taught artist with a developing studio practice. She writes extensively on creativity, contemporary art and female experience.