Body-positivity is changing us

The Body-Positivity movement is changing us, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to be kind to ourselves. Many of us are living a moment of pre- and post- : we grew up in a world where we were expected to cover up our “flaws”, to be apologetic, to be the virgin sex-kitten, and to blame ourselves. Today, the pushback of Body-Positivity is a revelation, and has rescued many of us. However, that doesn’t mean that a switch gets flipped within us— what we believed for so long helped to form our world-view, and so the Body-Positivity movement is a re-education. We spent too many years letting others tell us our worth, letting others set the rules. It takes time to recover, and it takes work to make our own rules, to take ownership, and to change the way we see ourselves. Do yourself a favor and spend some time alone with your body. See your beauty, see the miracle that is your body, leave the old world at the door when you enter The Body Room because only YOUR opinion matters. You are beautiful exactly as, and who you are. —