Trapped. Constrained. Fenced in. Does life sometimes feel like this to you too? Damned if you do, damned if you don’t? It does to us. We are two female artists and sometimes we too feel exhausted by the constant judgement of women today. What a women’s body should look like, what it shouldn’t look like. What a women’s body should do and shouldn’t do. How women should behave and shouldn’t behave. The list goes on … so we created The Body Room, a space for women, that is an antidote to all that bullsh*t we have to deal with. So how does The Body Room work? We invite women to make an appointment at The Body Room, where you will have ONE HOUR in this space in TOTAL PRIVACY. We provide a blank wall, floor and art supplies. No expectations, no judgement, whatever happens, happens. Draw, paint, create, take photos, sleep, dance, play, explore, whatever feels right for you. Follow us to keep up to date with news of the project. We are actively working on bringing a new series of The Body Room to Valencia, other locations in Spain and the UK too. Tag in friends, colleagues, family or anyone else you think might love this project and help us make this mega in 2020.