Mud is very nice

“Mud is very nice to feel, all squishy-squashy between your toes” .. Or in this case, CLAY! One of our guests brought her own bucket of clay to her appointment at The Body Room. Before an appointment at The Body Room, we provide our guests with a full list of the supplies we provide, so you can think if there’s anything else you might like to bring along too. So far our guests have brought along everything from clay to go-pro cameras! Of course, you don’t have to bring any extras. There’s plenty to get inspired by with charcoal, marker pens, paint-safe-for-skin, brushes, sponges, fabric and more! That plus some blank walls, ONE HOUR and TOTAL PRIVACY makes for an awesome experience for our guests. So what is The Body Room? The Body Room is a private place for women to consider their own body and express themselves artistically. Clothing optional. Follow us to see what just 1 hour of TOTAL PRIVACY has meant for some of our wonderful guests in The Body Room (Quote – first lines of ‘Mud’ by Polly Chase Boyden)