An antidote

Why is The Body Room for women only? After a long day/week/life of trying to be what they expect you to be, of smiling through your stress, of wondering whether you dressed professionally enough or wore too much makeup, of wearing earbuds to block the catcalls–but not both earbuds, just to be safe! Every day we shift between confidence and insecurity, self-assurance and confusion, who society wants us to be and who We want to be. — Societal expectations of us are like a poison that make us sick and dizzy …

We made The Body Room to be the antidote. . The Body Room began because we were concerned with the social and political climate that women face today. Women hardly get a chance to consider our own bodies and claim space, without concern of how society feels about it. The Body Room confronts the many expectations that are made about the female body, by providing a space that is an antidote to those societal restrictions.

We are thrilled to make this experience available to women in Peckham, and we intend for the project to raise questions about female experience in society today.