An appointment

We have limited slots available, so act fast. We’re so excited to get colorful, messy and inspired with you all in Peckham!

The Body Room is a private space for women to consider their own bodies and express themselves artistically. It is appointment-based, during which time we provide a private room with paper on the wall and floor, a table full of art supplies, and a full hour in complete safety and privacy. Our guests are encouraged to make a mess, experiment, and feel the freedom of this hour alone.

The Body Room began because we were concerned with the social and political climate that women face today. Women hardly get a chance to consider our own bodies and claim space, without concern of how society feels about it. The Body Room confronts the many expectations that are made about the female body, by providing a space that is an antidote to those societal restrictions. Our goal is to make this experience available to more women and use the project to raise questions about female experience in society today.