Make a mess …

Make a mess and… just leave it there! Really! Your appointment in The Body Room is for you to create and express yourself, not to clean– you do enough of that at home! According to a 2019 study published by Sociological Methods and Research, women are judged more harshly than men for a messy space. 624 people were shown images of clean and messy rooms — when they were told a woman occupied the room it was judged less clean than when a man supposedly occupied the room. While gender roles are changing these days, women still spend 2.3 hours a day on housework, while men spend 1.4 (according to US Department of Labor data), AND women maintain that ratio even in the office! So in The Body Room, don’t waste another moment worrying about your mess, infact make more. (For more info, read “Why Women, But Not Men, Are Judged For A Messy House” by Claire Cain Miller for the NYT)
We are two female artists who have designed The Body Room to be a messy, creative, clothing-optional space for women! We invite you to make an appointment to spend ONE HOUR alone, in this space in total PRIVACY.

Why is The Body Room for women only? We are two female artists who are both concerned with the social and political climate that women face today. We feel there are many expectations that are made about the female body.We want to provide a space that is an antidote to that.