Spot the 🐳 !

Spot the 🐳 … no we’re not being rude about body shape. But did you know if you paint your belly with blue paint and splodge it against the wall, you might get a happy whale? 🐳🐳🐳

Did you know that a 2019 survey by @mentalhealthfoundation of 4,500 adults in the UK revealed that 45% of women had felt depressed because of their body image. And that’s not all, 40% had felt anxious, 26% disgusted, 25% had felt shame and 15% of women had experienced suicidal thoughts in the last year because of their BODY IMAGE.

Given these stats, we think making space for women to have joyful, positive experiences with their own bodies is so important. So long live The Body Room.

We invite women to make an appointment at The Body Room. ONE HOUR in this space in TOTAL PRIVACY. We provide a blank wall, floor and art supplies. No expectations, no judgement, whatever happens, happens. Draw, paint, create, dance, whatever feels right for you